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Our comprehensive suite of services, in various sectors of corporate finance and financial advisory, includes strategic merger consultancy, mergers & acquisitions, and capital raising for energetic enterprises. 

At Latam Investment Banking, we focus on creating value through tailored investment banking solutions.

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Latam Investment Banking specializes in managing mergers & acquisitions transactions helping companies grow domestically and internationally. 

We offer expert advice for both buying and selling businesses, handling international deals, and arranging the finance needed for acquisitions. 

We are your go-to partner for achieving global business growth through strategic mergers & acquisitions.

  • Sell-Side: Family-owned enterprises might not have heirs who are interested in managing the business.
  • Buy-Side: Acquiring an existing business can be a more attractive option to accelerate growth and achieve economies of scale versus organic growth opportunities.
  • Cross Border: Many mid-sized enterprises can greatly benefit from geographic diversification.
  • Corporate Divestitures: Multinational companies continuously reassess their geographic footprint or business segments and in many cases opt to divest sub-scale assets or operations with less attractive fundamentals.
  • Mergers: Complementary businesses combine to adapt to a changing marketplace or achieve economies of scale and better compete.
  • Acquisition Financing: Complementary advisory service to help clients have the necessary equity and/or debt financing to complete an acquisition.
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Latam Investment Banking is dedicated to driving organic expansion and accelerating growth for new projects. 

We provide a range of financial solutions to support your business development. Our advisory services include raising Senior Debt for stable long-term financing, Subordinated Debt for flexible repayment terms, and Mezzanine Debt, which combines elements of debt and equity financing.

We also specialize in hybrid instruments, offering the potential for conversion to equity, and direct equity investments to fuel your company’s growth and success.

  • Senior Debt: Lowest cost capital either from local banks, local or international debt funds or international financing providers such as development or international banks. Typically, local banks offer standard local currency products whereas debt funds and international banks lend in dollars and offer more flexible structures or longer-term instruments.
  • Subordinated Debt: Subordinated instruments offer additional leverage and better flexibility in exchange for a higher coupon.
  • Mezzanine debt: Most flexible repayment terms that are custom-tailored to the business plan at a higher rate with an equity kicker. Mostly dollar-based but there are some local currency Mezzanine funds.
  • Convertibles: Typically structured for listed companies whose stock price isn’t reflecting intrinsic value as a way to issue equity at a higher price in the future in exchange for a current below-market yield.
  • Equity: Involve raising fresh capital at a pre-money valuation to strengthen the capital structure of a business. Equity whether to private equity funds or other investors requires a carefully negotiated shareholders’ agreement.
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